We had a tremendously low snow year in the West. Trout fishing all but shut off in the blue ribbon trout stream everywhere. And, just to be sure we knew, all the forests lit on

fire the same time.

We, at the No Business Lodge, will not be defeated though. We took to the boats and taught ourselves to chase the rare Rocky Mountain Redfish. With the help of our Orion Cooler, we converted a duck boat to a flat’s skiff. We raised up the rod holders on the Jackson Kilroys and took the equipment to stalk the flats. And we caught fish…. big fish.

So, remember, when you walk into that mountain fly shop and they are all taking Xanex and all whining about the end of their season in July, get a little bug and track down some big tailers in the nearest reservoirs. Your Lamson reel will be able to handle the 50lb fish.