Our close friend who will remain nameless (Steven Becker of New Meadows, Idaho) drank too much and was late to fish.  A River Runs Through It taught every fisherman this is

something you DO NOT do.  Eggs and I sulked while we waited as a mack truck swam under the deck at Fish Eagle Base Camp.  It posted up in front of a log and next to a bunch of branches.  To catch it would be impossible.  Eggs decided he would screw with it.  I told him to wait…. it was eating.  Drake nymphs had been in the water all week.

I convinced him to take his 6x off and put on a chain.  He put a 16 copper john on and drift toward the fish’s face.  First pass: BANG.  And it ran to ward the river.  Eggs ran down the stairs and dove in head first into the water.  Rod tip down, he swam under the log and swam more than ran through the muddy back eddy.  I ran to the truck to get the big net and when I got back to the water, the fish had him spooled.  By the time I got across the water , Eggs was sweating profusely, “He’s done, and so am I”.

I got into the water and netted the Hog Beast.  It was a 28-inch, 15 pound monster.  Libby and KJ had gotten across the river so we were able to get a bunch of great photos.

Here’s proof our great day: