Fly Fishing is a game of timing, weather, and an animal’s instinct.  If you’re lucky, everything comes together and you get to catch a fish or two.  The North Fork of the Payette

is no different.  We do have private water and so the fish see less angler’s tippet, but everything must be just right. Our most sought after fishing is the brown drake hatch.  For it, I usually book the Lodge and bring my closest friends, clients and guides to see our little known part of Idaho.

This year everything was going to work perfectly.  I was sure I knew the snow pack and could gauge when the water would come down.  The weather looked as though it was going to cooperate with sunny skies and 70 degree days.  The fish were in the river (We’d done some  preliminary floating in the clear, high water to see).  Everything was as it should be. The water managers apparently disagreed.

The river only came down briefly and left us holding our rods and watching too much water speed by. As I packed up from an “unsuccessful” week, a small brown drake flew into the kitchen.  I’m not sure if it was to taunt me or not, but it did remind me that there is always next year.