Ed decided to bolt town all of the sudden.  Being that its duck season this came as a surprise.  Finally, we have the big cold snap to drive some ducks down and lock up water,

and he’s somewhere in Europe.

We got a call from him a couple days ago to put a fishing plan together. After getting on the horn to the boys at Jackson Kayak, we told him to get his ass 500km outside of Stockholm. Turns out Jackson has a nice little team built up in Sweden. With regular tournaments and tons of water, kayak fishing has really taken off. And when we say “tons of water,” that doesn’t even scratch the surface. You’ve looked at a map of the country. It’s a long, swooping coastline draping the Baltic Sea, right? Turns out that coast is dotted with hundreds of thousands of small islands all grouped into regional archipelagos.  With all those islands the water ends up very brackish… the kind of thing big pike love. Ed hopped on a train and was headed to Karlskrona, a city made of 30 islands at the southeastern end of the country.

He hooked up with Gunnar Ahlstrom and Pike Strike fishing to get the Kilroy DT’s out on the water.  With cold winter weather and big winds, it was a challenge to be comfortable, but the fishing was exceptional. We had heard stories about gigantic pike swimming in the brackish water and Ed got into ’em.  His report was, “The best fishing I’ve had in some time.” He tells us he wants to head back to find some of their 10 kilogram pike.